I voice local ads and global ads, for city restaurants and Olympic sponsors, and for indie production companies and international ad agencies. This is a small selection.

    TV & radio ads  General demo

    Bacardi, director's cut  The sun speaks, and he isn't happy!

    Trony (consumer electronics)  Playful, ironic take on classic discount announcement

    Alfa Romeo  A poetic take on life

    Pepsi  Classic ad remake

    Natuzzi  Time to relax

    Carlsberg  Italian with an English accent

Corporate videos

From industrial concerns to cultural institutions, from niche services to global products, when voicing corporate videos I aim to explain, support and inspire.

    Corporate films  General demo

    Lancia range  Luxury is reborn

    Medical app  Upbeat web explainer

    Marie Tecnimont  Aspirational engineering

    Expo Milano, 2015  Official promotional video

    Samsung  Healthcare innovation

    Eni  Green credentials

Promos & Trailers

Sporting events, radio shows, movies, special offers and products: promos and trailers are another great opportunity to give it all you've got!

    Promos & Trailers  General demo


Science, nature, industry, art, human stories; voicing documentaries can be personal learning experiences as well as great voiceover jobs.

    Documentaries  General demo

    Humanoid robots  A new breed

    Moon landing  Real or fake?

    Dolphins  Cuddly and cute?

News & Sport

For the last five years I have been the anchor voice for financial news roundups and football magazines in weekly shows that are broadcast around the world.

    News roundup  General demo

    Money matters  Financial report

    Short feature with sound bites  'Happy' street signs initiative, Newark, NJ

    Sport news  International football highlights

    Bike Channel  Promo

    The beautiful game  Spotlight on Brazil


Here is a selection of reads from different genres. I have also voiced and produced a number of comprehensive literary anthologies with colleagues over the years - always lots of fun!

    Audiobooks  General demo

    Fiction  General demo

    Dramatised abridged novels  General demo

    Nice work, David Lodge  Comic extract - the car repair episode

    The Elephant, Richard Raynor  Comic extract - son reunited with prodigal father

    The Elephant, Richard Raynor  Comic extract - the ultimate seduction?

    Thriller  Extract - opening scene

    Thriller  Extract - an awkward meeting

    Thriller  Extract - she was last seen here

    Chesil beach, Ian McEwan  Extract - final scene

    Women in Love, D. H. Lawrence  Extract - Gerald arrives in Gudrun's bedroom

    Non-fiction  General demo

    Children's stories  General demo

    Poetry & Theatre  General demo

    W.H. Auden  Funeral Blues

    Lewis Carrol  Father William

    John Keats  Ode to a Nightingale

Radio Shows & Podcasts

A selection of interviews, cultural themes and human-interest stories, written and produced over the last few years.

    Radio shows & Podcasts  Life Stories promo

    The Sounds of London  Extracts from 8-part radio show

    Life Stories  Extracts from podcast

Language Courses

I've been voicing and producing English language courses, speaking dictionaries, exams and graded readers since 1990. This is a short compilation of language course extracts.

    Language Courses  General demo

e-Learning & Training

Fashion companies, automakers, educational publishers and software designers are among the many clients who commission informative and didactic reads.

    e-Learning  General demo

    Armani Collezioni  Staff training: the season's collection details

    Loro Piana  Staff training: cashmere fibre

    Maserati  Staff training: marketing cards

    Raymond  Lift truck operation instructions

    All about hydrogen  Fun, animated lesson for kids

    Deep learning  Section summary

Videogames & Characters

Recording in this category is great fun... and I'm constantly working to improve my game.

    Videogames & Characters  General demo


This is a short medley of some of the songs I have co-written and produced for English language course publishers recently.

    Song production  General demo

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