I spend my working days in front of a microphone and with my audio producer’s hat on. It’s been my life for 25 years and I love it.

I’m a bit of a linguist too, so when voicing scripts that contain words in French, German, Italian or Spanish I can give you the original language pronunciation or the Anglicised version, whichever you prefer.

My extensive experience recording for mixed nationality audiences - reading with slightly slower speech and more deliberate enunciation to aid comprehension - makes me a good candidate for this type of material, too.

I have also set up a multi-language team of voice talents, singers and translators. Go here for more information: Networks

If you have a project you’d like me to record or audition for, please let me know as much as possible about it. If you have a script, please send it, or an extract; if you have a film, please send me a link.

If you ask me to record something I’ll give it my all, with the clarity, conviction, speed of delivery and great prices valued by my clients. I’d love to give voice to your ideas!